Blue RipnSpinner - Spinner Grip with Ripncord And HQ Spinner

Blue RipnSpinner - Spinner Grip with Ripncord And HQ Spinner

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It's A Spinner...
No, It's A Top...
No, It's A Gyroscope...
No, It's All Three!
Check It Out...

Heads up: If you already have a tri-spinner and don't want another, you can get our Spinner Grips (including the ripncord) to use with your existing spinner for just $5! Just slide your tri-spinner on the Spinner Grip along with a keeper ring (also included) and you're ready to rock in 30 seconds!

Here's What People
Are Saying A

Insane Speeds, Spin Times,
Tricks, And More!...

- Capable of spinning at RPM's of 15,000+ by wrapping and pulling the RipnSpinner's "ripncord"!

- Perform dozens of spins and tricks that can't be done with a spinner alone!

- Slip the cord out and the RipnSpin becomes a gravity defying, "self-righting" top (see demo video).

- "Spinner Grip" with high grip rubber handle and totally tubular aluminum axle.

- "Ripncord" made from HQ paracord and available in 5 colors (chosen at check out).

- High quality ceramic bearing spinner INCLUDED (easily slides off the Spinner Grip and can be used as a stand alone spinner as well).

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- Please allow 1-3 days to ship out (via USPS)... FREE shipping on $30+ orders!

- 30 day money back guarantee if you don't LOVE your RipnSpinner!

- For Ages 6 And Up.

WARNING: Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Always use safety glasses when spinning any fidget / hand spinner. Adult supervision recommended.

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